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We have sorted out and answered some of the most frequently-asked-questions (faq) our site visitors request information on. Only the most common ones are listed here, and if your problem or question was not answered here, you can contact us by clicking on this link.
01. What are the Kurusa Dahana & Suwa Meheya healing services about?
  The Kurusa Dahana service was first started by Rev. Fr. Sunanda Wanasinghe in the year 1990 as a means for the people to get together and praise the Lord while sharing the word of God under the blessings of Archbishop Emeritus Nicholas Marcus Fernando of Colombo. You can read more about it in the Kurusa Dahana page by clicking here.

02. What is the English meaning of 'Kurusa Dahana' & 'Suwa Meheya'?
  Kurusa Dahana translates to "Cross Sacrifice" which epitomes the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ upon the cross. Suwa Meheya literally translates to Healing "Service".

03. On which days are the services held?
  The Kurusa Dahana Healing service is held every Friday from 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm

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